About Us

Our company has always been a small, family-run, local business. It was founded by James V. Brockwell in the 1950s. He started the business as a trucking company, but by the mid 1960s had expanded to selling mulch. Over time the company expanded to include a small fleet of trucks as well as various kinds of stone, sand, soil and more.

As the company grew, our family grew right along side of it. Two more generations of the family help keep the business going, and still at the same location at Calvander Crossroads in Chapel Hill.

About Calvandar Crossroads

Although you won’t find it on most maps, long-time residents know that Calvander Crossroads is where Old NC Route 86 meets Dairyland and Homestead roads. It was there that a man named Calvin Andrews once made his home. Andrews was a school teacher, and built a school on the property. It began as an old two-story T-frame house, but over time they outgrew the building and they built another one in the woods nearby. By combining his first and last names into one, Calvin Andrews came up with the name for the schoolhouse: the Calvander School.

And although the Calvander School no longer exists, the crossroads where the school once sat remains. James V. Brockwell’s parents bought the property from Andrews in the early 20th century, and the rest, as they say, is history.